The Seven Secrets to Getting Your Nights and Weekends Back

In this course lies the secrets of running a successful practice without you working 24/7.  It is time for you to live the life you so deserve.  You put in countless number of hours and years to become a physician and you did it so you can give back to your community and helping your patients become and stay healthy.  Now, doctor it is your turn have a more balanced life.

Let Dr. Peter Wishnie teach you how to run your practice with your without you.  The Seven Secrets to Getting Your Nights and Weekends Back is an advanced online training program that will teach you how to have an efficient well run practice and will allow you to focus on you being the best doctor possible.  Your staff will learn to take charge of their position and make decisions that will correspond to helping your practice grow.  When you have an efficient office with staff that knows their roles and how to accomplish their job to the highest level, than you will be able to make more money while working less.

In this video series you will learn:

  • How to find and hire the best possible staff and to how to reduce staff turnover.
  • How to get your patients talking about your practice and getting them to refer.
  • How to become a better leader to your team and developing leaders that make good key decisions.
  • How to make your protocols and develop systems that bring in more revenue.
  • The key numbers you need to analyze on a weekly basis and how to get your staff to actually analyze them for you.

Plus there is a bonus section where you will get The Successful Phone Scenarios that bring in patients to your practice.  Your staff will never be stumped on what to say in order to make sure the patient keeps his appointment and to help them answer the top questions ask when they call.

So, if you want more time doing the things that you really love and truly matter to you, then this course is for you.